Some Useful Tips In Boiling Eggs

02/17/2015 11:35
For some people poach is an activity that's easy to do. But don't get me wrong, if you're less ably in the Ordinance merebusnya, it could be you get results that are ugly or hard shelled.

But, you do not worry, there are a few ways to make your eggs perfectly. Check out some of his tips here.

Do not use the new eggs hatched by hens. Try to keep it a few days before merebusnya. A fresh egg will be hard shelled her skin.
Boil in enough water so many eggs sink completely.
Flip eggs when cooking half way so that the yolk is in the middle.
Poached eggs with water to a boil in a covered pot, then reduce the heat when boiling already before then lifting it from the top of the stove.
Stir in vinegar or salt in the stew of water to make it more easily in mengupasnya.
Do not jump to peel eggs freshly boiled. Chill with soaking in cold water. Use ice cubes if necessary so that the membrane on eggs and egg shells apart.
Peel the eggs in cold water or in the water that is flowing.