Vegetable Cooking techniques in order to remain green and Textured

02/17/2015 11:34
When you vegetable graveyard certainly rarely feel the sensation of kriuk when eating the Greens. And also memasakan at home can not be green and sekriuk while eating at the restaurant.

This turned out to be her secret. There are several  techniques produce vegetable remains green and kriuk:

The First Way
If the dish is a type of salad or a vegetable stew, then boil the water first by a big fire. Insert the vegetable that has been washed, and it does not need to immediately lift for too long.

For this type of leafy green vegetables, simply dipped 30 seconds, whereas vegetables that have a stem like broccoli or cauliflower for at least 60 seconds.

In a bowl, prepare the ice water. When it was over, dip vegetables into iced water to pemasakannya process is completed. Drain, then vegetables could soon be served.

The Second Way
The chef sauteing the vegetables with a large fire. No need to be too long, but at least 2 minutes until cooked but still sayurnya kriuk.

The Last Way
For this type of cuisine soups, put all the vegetables together after the meat is cooked.